The best restaurants in Split

The best restaurants in Split

The best restaurants in Split

Restaurant ZOI

Located on the Riva promenade, on the southern wall of Diocletian's Palace, the ZOI restaurant in Split is the perfect place to enjoy a fine dining experience in a Mediterranean way! Located next to the former emperor's chambers, in an area with the original stone walls of the palace, it will provide you with an experience to remember. The restaurant will delight you with its interior decoration due to the combination of various styles that actually show the different cultural and architectural influences that Split was exposed to in the past. The terrace of the ZOI restaurant is a story for itself! When you step out onto the terrace, you will first notice the elegant furniture, and then the tall old palm trees that adorn the Riva. The terrace offers an open view of Riva, the harbor and the sea, an experience you will surely remember. Of course, the excellent food presented through the modern menu offered by the ZOI restaurant will also contribute to this experience. This fine dining restaurant offers food inspired by the diversity of Mediterranean cuisine and its history. In doing so, they use the best local products depending on the current season. Top quality food goes well with top quality wines, and the wine list in the ZOI restaurant is carefully compiled. The wines they offer match certain ingredients, and have the versatility and elegance to match a wide selection of dishes. They have a total of 84 wines on their wine list, and most of the world's classic wine regions are covered, maintaining a healthy preference for Croatian wines. You can always check the menu and wine list on their website, and the prices are also indicated. Restaurant ZOI is included in the Michelin Guide. The price range of the restaurant is higher, but this is justified by the excellent food, unique location, special ambience and overall pleasant gastronomic experience! The restaurant is located at Obala Hrvatski Narodnog Preporoda 23, Split.

Restauran Zoi


If you are a fan of grilled meat, then you must visit Chops restaurant. CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood is a modern steakhouse that offers premium meats from all over the world, fresh and high-quality fish steaks, as well as modern pastas and salads. Chops Grill is located in the pedestrian zone at the top of Marmontova street. You will find it at Tončićeva 6 opposite the bronze sculpture of Pirja in Marmontova Street. Most of the tables are located outside, and the restaurant's terrace is modern and comfortably furnished. During the summer months, Chops is ideal for relaxing in the shade of the old town with good food! Chops Grill offers premium steaks such as veal ribeye, Striploin steak, Black Angus ribeye steak and Wagyu beef. Tomahawk, which is served in Chops Grill in a particularly attractive way hanging from a wire, is especially popular. Steaks are served with excellent sauces which are a specialty of Chops restaurant. Good meat goes well with good wine, and the wine list of the Chops restaurant offers numerous top Croatian wines from various regions. If you are a fan of sweets after a good meal, equally excellent and imaginative desserts await you here! Restaurant Chops is included in Restaurant Guru as the leading restaurant for grills and steaks in Split, which further confirms its level of service, quality of food and pleasant guest experience. The restaurant is in the middle price range.

Restauran Chops Grill


Located in Varos, the old part of the city of Split with narrow streets and old stone houses, this small tavern run by a family from Split is a true oasis of Mediterranean cuisine and fish specialties! You will find it at the address Sinovciceva ulica 5, and it will delight you with an authentic local experience. In this tavern you can enjoy traditional Dalmatian dishes that are prepared in all Dalmatian families even today. The interior design is typical for Dalmatian taverns and combines stone and wood. The cook is the owner, and the offer of the Tavern is roughly based on the fresh ingredients available daily, so the menu varies depending on the availability of certain foods and ingredients. Due to his long experience in fish distribution, today the owner, as the manager of the restaurant, buys fish directly from the fishermen, and not at the market. Here you can try gregada, brudet, shrimp on the buzara, fish from grill, and various vegetable side dishes. In addition to excellent local food, the tavern offers sparkling wine and local wines from the owner's family! Although taverns are generally affordable in terms of prices, this tavern is an exception and is priced in the middle range, but understandable given the quality and freshness of the food served and the experience they provide!

Tavern Otprilike Ovako


Pizza lovers are in for a treat at the Bokamorra pizzeria! The most popular pizzeria in Split is definitely Pizzeria Bokamorra. It is located on the West Coast, an extension of the Riva promenade, right opposite the Ambasador Split hotel! Pizzeria Bokamorra is included in the Gault and Millau guide. The space is creatively decorated, and upon arrival you can immediately notice the large oven, which is covered by a golden mosaic. Bokamorra offers a limited but very colorful menu of pizzas accompanied by their own signature cocktails. Because of all the above, they call themselves Pizzaurant & Cocktail bar Bokamorra! Here you can enjoy pizza Mammina with salsa, dried tomatoes and mushrooms, Tartufizza with cheese and truffles, Seljanchizza with mozzarella, rolled bacon, onion and corn, Porco mio with ham, bacon and bresaola or the very popular Pizza Prasizza. Pizza Prasizza is a pizza with thick dough like our grandmothers used to bake. The staff is very friendly and professional, and there are really many of them, and the service is fast. The pizzeria is in the middle price range, which may seem expensive for a pizzeria, but for the pizzas they serve and the service they provide, the price is quite justified. Pizzeria Bokamorra is located at Trumbiceva obala 16.

Pizzeria Bokamora


The best-rated sushi in Split is offered by Adriatic sushi and oyster bar! It is located at Carrarina poljana 4, Split, where you will find superb Japanese sushi and a great selection of modern Mediterranean fish classics. The large, spacious terrace is finely decorated, and the service is very fast and efficient. Maki or fresh oysters, sashimi or fish carpaccio, futomaki or buzara made from fresh clams, nigiri or smoked seafood risotto, tuna tataki or tuna stuffed with foie gras? They really offer a lot of fish dishes, and they also serve wines from all Croatian vineyards. The wine list is really extensive, and the staff will be happy to recommend red, white, rose or sparkling wines that go best with the fish specialties you choose. They are priced in the middle range, and they also offer delivery. If you are a sushi lover, this is the right place for you in Split.

Adriatic sushi

The gastronomic offer in Split is enriched every year, and currently you can eat a really large number of both local and international dishes in the heart of Split. These are just some of the best restaurants in their category, and you can always find something to your liking on gastronomic guides and Trip Advisor thanks to many filters. However, the TripAdvisor list is really not the best place to look at the ranking, considering that an establishment that offers fish & chips (and is essentially fast food, and is managed under the name of a restaurant) can threaten a top restaurant in the ranking due to a larger volume of business and a greater number of good reviews . That's why when searching for restaurants, always be guided by the category and type of food you would like to try in Split.

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