The city of Split- the most popular destination in Dalmatia

The city of Split- the most popular destination in Dalmatia

The city of Split - the most popular destination in Dalmatia

If you've ever searched for the most popular summer destinations in Croatia, you've surely come across Split. Split proudly represents Croatia in the world with its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, interesting gastronomy and friendly hosts. What makes Split a top vacation destination in Croatia is that it offers activities for all ages. You won't go wrong in this Roman city with a thousand-year history, whether you're planning a vacation in Split with your family or a vacation in Split with friends at the Ultra Music Festival - because Split has it all!

How to get to Split?

If you are traveling by plane, choose a direct flight to Split International Airport. It is 25 km from Split airport to the city of Split. The airport has an organized shuttle bus to the town of Split. You can always take a taxi or transfer, located at the taxi station in front of the airport. Also, in front of the airport is a bus stop with local bus line no. 37 that goes to Split, so that is also at your disposal.

If you are traveling to Split by car, you can get there via the Adriatic highway or the A1 highway. If you are taking the highway, take the Dugopolje exit and continue on local roads to the city of Split. You can also contact us at Home Rent Croatia for any questions.

Split, Croatia

What to see and do in Split?

The center of all events in Split is the largest promenade, the Riva! The waterfront is usually the starting point for all sightseeing. When you come to Riva, you will be delighted by the tall palm trees, the beauty of Diocletian's Palace's southern walls and the city's spirit. On the Riva, you can absorb a touch of the ease of living of the residents of Split, for whom the Riva is actually an open-air living room. The motto of the people of Split is "pomalo" meaning take it easy. That is exactly what you can experience right on the Riva promenade. The people of Split are sociable, open and communicative. They like to socialize with each other, and their ritual is to drink coffee for hours in the sun. Riva is always quite alive as long as the sun shines!

Split, Croatia

The beauty of Split was recognized long ago by Emperor Diocletian, who built Diocletian's Palace on this very spot! Today, Diocletian's Palace is a synonym for Split and a symbol of the city of Split in the world. A long time ago, between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, the Greek settlement Aspalathos was founded, which later became a Roman colony and the capital of Dalmatia. The Roman Emperor Diocletian issued an order to construct the palace, which eventually became the city of Spalatum. The emperor stayed in the palace after abdication until his death. Today, walking around the city, tourists often ask, "Where is Diocletian's Palace?" not realizing that they are actually walking through it and residing in it. Diocletian's palace is not the kind of palace or castle you expect to see when you hear its name. It is not a building that you come in front of, pay the entrance fee and look around. On the contrary, Diocletian's Palace is so big that most of the narrow center of the city of Split is located inside Diocletian's Palace. After Diocletian's death, the palace underwent numerous changes. Still, it remains splendidly preserved and is considered one of the most important Roman monuments in the world. In November 1979, UNESCO declared Diocletian's Palace a world heritage site as an important archaeological complex. Inside the palace itself, there are numerous remains and sites of exceptional importance.


The Peristyle is the square in front of the cathedral of St. Domnius. There are many historical sites on the Peristyle - the cathedral of St. Domnius, Diocletian's mausoleum, sphinxes and palaces. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius, the patron saint of the city of Split. You can also climb the cathedral's bell tower, which offers a wonderful view of the city. Immediately on the Peristyle is the entrance to Diocletian's cellars. The basements of Diocletian's Palace are one of the best-preserved ancient complexes in the world. In Roman times, cellars served as storage space. Today, fairs, exhibitions and numerous other events are held in the cellars. If you like the Game of Thrones series, then definitely visit the basements, because the series was filmed in them, and you can also visit the nearby Game of Thrones Museum in Split. The streets of Split are paved with stone, and a small number of locals still live within the palace's walls. Most spaces inside the palace are catering facilities, museums, galleries and shops of various purposes. In front of the Golden Gate of the Palace, there is another symbol of Split, the statue of Gregory of Nin. Legend has it that your wish will come true when you catch his thumb! There are numerous museums in the city center that you can visit, and you can best learn about the city's history from prehistory in the Museum of the City of Split. You can read more about museums in Split on our blog here. The main street connecting the Croatian National Theater in Split and Riva is Marmontova Street and is the liveliest in the city. It offers many shops and restaurants. Immediately at the bottom of Marmontova Street, turn right and reach Prokurative. In this large square, festivals and concerts are held.

Split, Croatia

Marjan Forest Park, which rises above Split, is a green oasis of peace, recreation and wonderful viewpoints! From the city center, you can also take the stairs to the viewpoint Prva vidilica. From there, there is a view of the entire city, the ferry port, and the nearby islands. A wonderful place for panoramic pictures! In the surroundings of Marjan, you can also swim on several beaches, but they are mostly beaches without catering facilities. Pure nature, rocks and a beautiful sea. When you want to rest in the shade, rest under one of the palm trees on the Riva or in Strossmayer's park, affectionately called Giardin by the locals. If you plan to swim and just relax on the beaches all day, then definitely visit Split's iconic sandy beach Bacvice. It is the largest sandy beach in the city, and you can also try your hand at picigin.

The biggest beach in the city is Znjan beach. Znjan has a series of gravel beaches, with plenty of cafes and other catering options. The islands in front of Split are ideal for a day trip, so you can visit Brac, Solta, or Hvar in a very short time by catamaran. Day trips from Split are varied, so you can visit the Plitvice Lakes, the Krka Waterfalls, the Klis Fortress and much more, depending on your preferences. As for active holidays in Split, the offer is getting richer every year. So you can try cycling, rock climbing on Marjan, paddle boarding, and even surfing, depending on the weather conditions of the nearby surf locations. Kayak tours are colorful, so you can also use kayaks to see the city from the sea. There is also night stand-up paddle boarding in nearby Stobrec.

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Gastronomy in Split

If you like to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at local markets, the Split market - which the locals call Splitski Pazar - will delight you. The open market type with a handful of food, flowers and various local products will not leave you indifferent or hungry! Try and buy homemade olive oil, dried figs, arancini, fig trees and honey. The gastronomic scene of Split is getting richer and more diverse every year, and the offer is dominated by fish. There are taverns, pizzerias, restaurants, among which there are also those with a Michelin recommendation. In Split you can enjoy a Mediterranean diet based on cooked or grilled fish, lots of olive oil and spices. From fish dishes, try brudet, grilled fish or shellfish on the buzara. From the meat, you must try pasticada. When you want dessert, take a piece of Split cake, traditional for this region. In the city, you can also try excellent gelato in one of the pastry shops. All in all, Split won't leave you hungry. As the people of Split would say – to lick your fingers!

Split is a city that will delight you because it combines the sea, mountains, culture, entertainment and gastronomy! Something for everyone. If you are planning a vacation in Split or looking for villas in Split, book your accommodation with Home Rent Agency. We have some of the most beautiful villas in Croatia for rent.