Cycling routes of Dalmatian hinterland

Cycling routes of Dalmatian hinterland

Cycling routes of Dalmatian hinterland

Bicycling has become an indispensable way of recreation and at the same time getting to know Split and its surroundings through viewing the natural and cultural beauties of this route. In addition to the city of Split, which you can get to know on a bike in one day, real natural rural beauty awaits you in the Split hinterland! The hinterland of Split is called Dalmatinska zagora and is a special geographical entity that has its own bicycle map with 21 bicycle paths. The bicycle paths extend along the route Dugopolje-Trilj-Sinj-Vrlika with a total length of 600 kilometers, and they are made according to all European standards. All paths are marked with a sign that has the sculpture "Bicyclist" drawn on it by the artist Vasko Lipovac. Roads, special historical sites, restaurants and agro-tourism locations pass along the trails. They contain signalisation and are very well maintained.

Route 401 starts from Dugopolje and takes you to the Vranjaca cave, a natural monument at the foot of Mosor that is well worth a visit. Circular cycle path 451 connects the towns of Sinj and Trilj, which lie on the Cetina River. The heroic town of Sinj is the center of religious and cultural tourism in the Dalmatian hinterland. Lush flora and fauna, beautiful landscapes that exude tradition and old cultural and historical remains await you in the cycle adventure of the city of Sinj. Thanks to the Alka knight's game and the fact that it is the Marian shrine, Sinj has a larger number of visitors every year. The circular cycle path Cetina – Sinj 454 offers gentle nature and follows the calm course of the Cetina river from Han to the Trilj equestrian club Sv. Mihovil. The Aequum cycle path 452 is 25 km long and takes you over bridges on the Cetina and Turkish roads, which you can use to reach old mills with large boulders. Eagle trail 453, 35 km long, starts from the bridge on Gorucica and leads to an oasis of greenery near the city. The Five Springs trail 454 takes you to the tributaries of the Cetina, namely Rumin, Kosinac, Ovrlje, Ruda and Grab, where you can experience all the richness of the waters of this region and enjoy your vacation on the beautiful meadows of the tributaries of the Cetina. The trail Oko Visoke 455 is reputed to be one of the most beautiful in the Sinj region because it offers the landscape of Zagora in its most beautiful form. When you get hungry in Sinj, try ustipke. 

Sinj Alka

      Sinj - Alka             

From Trilj on Cetina, you can take the picturesque circular cycling route 502 to the river Grab and see the stone water mills at its source. The Samarddica mill and the Cosica mill have exceptional historical and traditional value, and the oldest Ursica mill is unique in that it adjusts to the height of the water level when using the mill wheel. You can visit the museum of the Trilj region with extremely valuable ethnographic and cultural-historical materials by driving along route 505 Brodaric, and route 507 Gaj Liberije takes you to the Roman military camp with dormitories and remains of mosaics, the statue of Gaj Liberije, the church of St. Petra at the top of the Gardun locality, where there is a wonderful view of the town of Trilj and its surroundings. Considering that the Trilj region is known for the remains of fortifications, one of them, Nutjak, can be seen on the 14 km long path of the same name that passes through the places of Gardun and Vojnic. Along the path you can see the church of St. Claire, several medieval tombstones in the shape of a cross, and the Nutjak Fortress is located 3 km downstream from Trilj, on the right bank of the Cetina River. It is built on a cliff above the river and offers a fantastic view of the Cetina canyon. The gastronomic specialty of the town of Trilj is frogs in all ways, so you can try them in any restaurant or family household. 

From the nearby town of Vrlika, there are three different possible destinations: Lake Peruca, Golo Brdo and the spring of the Cetina River. Route 571 Springs of Cetina is the most popular cycling route that takes you to the three springs of the Cetina River, and the unique beauty, clarity and blue-green color of the water will delight you! Route 572 leads to Lake Peruca, the third largest artificial lake in Croatia. Route 573 leads to the most beautiful viewpoint of Golo Brdo, from which you can see whole Vrlika field. Vrlika has its own version of ustipak, and in the town during the summer you can watch a traditional performance of the opera Ero from the other world. 

Blue Lake Imotski

Imotski - Blue Lake

The town of Imotski offers a circular route to the lakes in Imotski and fortresses. On this route, you can see the Red and Blue lakes, the Topana fortress in Imotski and Badnjevica fortess between Prolozac and Ricice. On the way to Imotski, you pass Vrgorac, the city of strawberries. The nearby Ethno village of Kokorici offers cycling tours in the Vrgorac fields - Bunina, Jezero and Rastoke, along Napoleon's Road and the Tobacco Road.

Depending on your physical condition, get to know the difficulty and types of trails and choose the one that suits you best. The tourist boards of these cities have their own websites where you can save maps of individual trails, and you can also use the app to track your location in real time. What is certain is that you will enjoy the rich natural beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland that will delight you. Book your vacation villa in Croatia with the Home Rent agency and enjoy an active vacation. You can find more information about Croatia and summer holidays on the Home Rent blog page Croatia in style.