eVisitor system upgraded

eVisitor system upgraded

eVisitor system upgraded

On the Croatian National Tourist Board website, you can find news that the e-visitor system has been further improved. The press release and statements are transmitted in full:

As part of the Croatian Digital Tourism project, which is carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and co-financed by the EU within the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. from the European Regional Development Fund, a new and upgraded version of the eVisitor system of the Croatian National Tourist Board was published, which is intended for the registration of tourist traffic and for the calculation and control of tourist tax collection.

"One of the segments of the Croatian Digital Tourism project is the upgrade of the award-winning eVisitor system to be even more efficient and better adapted to users' needs. New functionalities have been introduced to improve business processes, so it will no longer be necessary to physically go to the tourist board to register a non-commercial facility (cottage), and communication between landlords and tourist boards has been improved. Ultimately, the Croatian Digital Tourism project will create a complete digital story - a set of innovative tools to facilitate the business of stakeholders in the tourism system. The Croatian Digital Tourism Project, along with eVisitor, envisages the development and improvement of public e-services in tourism through TURegistar - Central Register for Hospitality and Tourism Services, TUStart - Registration of activities and starting a business in tourism and hospitality, TURiznica - Allocation System available support in tourism and Croatia.hr - Tourist Information Portal ", said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac.

The eVisitor system has positioned Croatia at the top of the world regarding innovative technological solutions in tourism. The most significant innovations include a completely new design that is in line with the design of the Croatian Digital Tourism project. Also, it is possible to display basic information about the tourist membership fee, download payment slips for the tourist membership fee, and it is easier to edit and post pictures of accommodation facilities on the Croatia.hr portal.

"The eVisitor system is a domestic Croatian product that makes our country unique in the world. This exceptional technological solution is confirmed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) award, which this project won in the category of innovation in research and technology. Now we have further upgraded and improved the system, functions have been introduced that will further contribute to the further development of the Croatian tourism sector, while for many users, the system will be an even more powerful tool in developing tourist offers defining marketing and promotional activities said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Stanicic.

We should also add that additional connections with other systems and institutions are planned, such as the Joint Land Registry and Cadastre Information System, the State Inspectorate, the OIB system, etc., while connecting with the Central Tourist Register will significantly change the current process of registering commercial facilities. , that is, the business of tourist boards, landlords and other users of the eVisitor system will be greatly facilitated and improved.

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