Hiking trails in Gorski kotar

Hiking trails in Gorski kotar

Hiking trails in Gorski kotar

If you decide to go on vacation in Gorski kotar and rent HomeRent villas in Croatia, then it can be assumed that you are a lover of nature and outdoor activities. Forests, rivers, streams and lakes are just some of the natural beauties that make this region special and ideal for a vacation at any time of the year. Hiking and walking in nature will especially enchant and relax you in this picturesque area. How popular this activity is in this area is also shown by the fact that the tourist board of Gorski Kotar has created a map for each trail, and you can save them on your phone in a customized format and thus track the trails and your location. You can see all the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Gorski kotar on one of these trails.

This hiking destination in Croatia offers trails of varying difficulty, from easy to physically and technically more difficult trails. All trails are marked and maintained by local hiking societies and utility companies. The climate in Gorski kotar is mountainous. Summers are short and fresh, and winters are somewhat longer, cold and snowy. It is important to dress appropriately for walking and hiking and to take with you everything necessary and adapted to the climatic conditions.

The first undemanding and very popular trail is Kamacnik Canyon. It starts from Vrbovsko and is ideal for all ages. The trail starts from the mouth of the Kamacnik river, where the restaurant is located. The 3 km long trail leads from the mouth to the source of the Kamacnik River. Extremely rich vegetation, protected plant and animal species and wooden bridges make this trail extremely picturesque. After 3 km you will reach the blue-green colored spring. It takes 2 hours to cross the entire path and return.

Risnjak National Park is a specially protected area with numerous trails, and one of the easier ones is the Leska educational trail. The 4.2 km long path takes you through a dense forest, across meadows and along the village and the Leska stream. There are 23 educational boards on the trail, through which you can learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the park. The trail has no climbs, which makes it ideal for children, and it takes 1.5 hours to cross it and return.

Kupa River

The source of the Kupa River is located within the Risnjak National Park and is also one of the trails you can take if you are a beginner. The total length of the trail is 2 km, and it takes 45 minutes to cross. The trail starts from the village of Razloge, and you start your walk at the info point of the Risnjak National Park. The path leads to the source of the Kupa River, a picturesque lake of all shades of green and blue. The depth of the spring itself has never been fully explored, and according to previous research it is over 80 m. The spring area has been protected since 1963 and although the final depth is unknown, this currently explored spring is considered one of the deepest Croatian springs.

If you are a fan of panoramic views and climbs, then mountain trails are ideal for you. The area of Gorski kotar is full of peaks that are worth every climb! Snjeznik is one of the peaks, and is famous for one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Croatia. Several trails lead to the top of this mountain, and the simplest is the circular trail Platak - Snjeznik "Through the throat" - Platak. The starting point for this ascent is the large parking lot near Platak at 1104 m. The trail is 6.7 km long and takes 2 hours to cross and return. While hiking, you pass through picturesque forests and beautiful meadows. Everything ends with a beautiful view from the rocky peak at 1506 m.

The Horvat trail is a more difficult hiking trail, 8 km long and lasting 3 hours. The trail starts at the main entrance of Risnjak National Park in Crni Lug. After the initial 3 km section of the forest road, the real hiking trail begins and climbs, and you pass through Bukovac and Smrekovac, extremely picturesque areas of Risnjak. There is also a mountain lodge on part of the trail. The trail leads you to the Schlosser mountain lodge (at 1,418 m), from where you continue climbing to the top of Veliki Risnjak at 1,528 m.

Lokvarsko lake

A slightly easier trail is located in Mrkopalj, and starts at the foot of the Celimbasa ski resort on the hill of the same name. The area of Mrkopalj is ideal for walks in beautiful untouched nature and true rest. Celimbasa is a destination for skiing and sledding in Gorski kotar in the winter, and a location for relaxation in the meadows of medical herbs in the summer. The trail is 2.2 km long and you need 2.5 hours to cross it. The path leads to a viewpoint with a view of the place and the surrounding area.

In the town of Fuzine, you can start the trail Cave Vrelo - Roswell. It is 3.6 km long and the walk takes 1.5 hours. The walk starts at the Vrelo Cave, passes through the village of Vrelo and leads to the cowboy village of Roswell. This village was created for the purpose of filming a film about the Indian chief Winnetou.

The most popular trail in Fuzine is the one along Lake Bajer and Lepenica. The promenade is 6 km long and takes 2 hours to walk. This hiking trail is ideal for all ages and connects the two lakes Bajer and Lepenica. You can see wild ducks and swans, try your hand at fishing or exercise in an open park with exercise equipment. The promenade and the surroundings of the lake attract both cyclists and divers. During the summer, the lakes are ideal for refreshment, and swimming is allowed only in designated places. There are also restaurants and bars by the lakes.

Considering the number of trails, according to your physical condition and the season, you can always find one suitable for you. It can be said that Gorski Kotar is a paradise for enjoying nature, resting your soul and body, after which you return to everyday life with full batteries.

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