Istria – Terra Magica

Istria – Terra Magica

Istria – Terra Magica

The sun, crystal blue sea, sandy beaches, the greatest gastronomic specialties, and the fairytale inland are just some of the first associations that come to mind when we need to describe Istria. Anyone who has had the opportunity to discover even a small part of the Istrian peninsula will agree that the name "magical land" that Istria has been proudly carrying for years is fully justified.


How to get there?

Thanks to its favorable geographical position, Istria is well connected by transport, with the rest of Croatia and other European destinations. The largest Istrian airport is located in Pula, 5 km from the city center, while Rijeka and Trieste airports are also located within a radius of 150 km. Bus lines from the mentioned airports to the main stations in Rijeka and Pula run mainly according to flight arrivals, and you can also arrange a private transfer or take a taxi from the airport, depending on where your holiday home in Istria is located.

If you are coming to Istria by boat, there are permanent and seasonal boat lines available from Venice, Trieste, Zadar, from the island of Cres or from Mali Lošinj.

Given that the coast and the interior of the entire peninsula are well connected by the Istrian highway and smaller local roads, arriving by car is certainly the most practical and best option for quickly arriving at your destination, but also for visiting all the natural beauties and attractive destinations while you are on vacation in Istria.


What to do and see?

Istria is known as an ideal combination of beautiful nature and rich history, and as a region that conveys all the experiences of the real Mediterranean in an authentic way, so it is not surprising that at every step you will find many different attractions, interesting things, and contents that will complete your vacation in Istria.

Exploring the coast of Istria itself, the cities of Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, and Pula have always stood out among the unmissable destinations. For many years, each of them, listening to the wishes and needs of their guests, has been developing a top tourist offer that they are proud of today.

Umag is located in the north of Istria and is recognized as a city of tourism and as a major sports center of Istria, to which tennis contributes greatly among other sports. Namely, Umag has been the host of ATP tournaments for years and, therefore, the place that hosts the biggest stars of world tennis. Numerous well-maintained tennis courts are available for both professionals and recreational players who decide to have an active vacation in Istria. Umag is not far behind with its offer of various recreational activities and beautiful beaches that you will surely enjoy.

On the central part of the coast of the Istrian peninsula, there are Porec and Rovinj, cities that, due to the ideal combination of rich and interesting history and superb gastronomic, catering, and accommodation offers, form foundations of tourism in Istria. The preserved old cores tell stories about history but also about the contemporary way of life of the locals, and beautifully decorated beaches, interesting nightlife, and a handful of accompanying facilities make them the most visited destinations in Istria.

The largest city on the Istrian peninsula is Pula, the cultural center of this region, located in the very south of the Istrian peninsula. Pula is a city of fishing, shipbuilding and tourism. Still, the attention of the guests is captured mostly by the faithful representation of the rich history preserved in the old town center as well as in the world-famous historical building. This Roman amphitheater enchants tourists from all over the world.


The beautiful coast and urban centers are not the only things Istria has to offer. Its interior is recognizable by the hills with fairy-tale towns on the tops, which are the perfect alternative for a slightly different vacation in Istria. Grožnjan and Motovun stand out for their picturesque appearance, interesting streets, and artistic content. Because of the beautiful olive groves and hundred-year-old vineyards at their foot, they are said to be connected by roads of wine and olive oil.

In the immediate vicinity is the recently discovered town of Kotli, which enchants with its turquoise waterfalls and natural pools formed on the course of the Mirna River in the interior of Istria. Although it is an uninhabited place, due to its popularity among tourists, it does not lack life and is certainly a destination that you should not miss.

When we talk about the inland of Istria, the city of Hum, the smallest city in the world, which, according to legend, was created when giants built cities in the valley of the Mirna river, is an unmissable destination. The small town can be visited in ten minutes, and after that, you can enjoy autochthonous specialties and local stories that will take you back in time and introduce you to the time of fairy tales.

To the west of the Istrian coast is the Brijuni National Park. The national park consists of 14 islands and islets. In addition to the beautiful nature, it offers visitors a handful of activities, a safari park, and paleontological sites where you can see extremely rare dinosaur footprints.

The national park can be reached by boat from the nearby town of Fažana. The drive takes 15 minutes, and during that time you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Istrian coast and Brijuni.

National Park Brijuni


The gastronomic offer of Istria combines the best of continental and Mediterranean cuisine and delights with its diversity. Walking through the coastal towns, you will be attracted by seafood specialties, among which shrimp, seafood risotto, Adriatic squid or cuttlefish, baked crabs and other delicacies that provide the ultimate gastronomic pleasure take the first places. At the same time, the secret of the aroma and rich taste of the traditional cuisine in the interior of Istria is based on meat and pasta, so you will be offered fuji or gnocchi in venison sauce, sheep's cheese, and other authentic dishes that create a special experience in the ambiance of Istrian taverns.

Indispensable symbols of Istrian cuisine are truffles and prosciutto, and a good gastronomic story is complete with olive oil from local olive groves and the best varieties of Istrian wines. Thanks to the long-standing viticulture tradition in Istria, this region can boast of numerous autochthonous varieties of wine, among which the most famous white wine of refined aroma and fresh taste is Istrian Malvazija.

When you are on vacation in Istria and when it comes to good food, we definitely recommend that you follow the locals in tasting all the autochthonous specialties and, of course, that you always leave some room for dessert - homemade kroštula or fritters. We have no doubt that it will be a real gastronomic experience even for the most demanding gourmets.

Istrian wine


Istria is a region that can boast of a wide range of some of the most beautiful luxury villas and vacation homes on the Adriatic, so we are sure that when choosing your vacation home, there will certainly not be a shortage of choices that will meet all your needs. Whether you decide to stay in one of the cities along the coast, or you still decide to look for an ideal vacation home inland, we are sure that you will find one in HomeRent offer of villas in Istria that will complement your vacation with its location and content and make Istria unforgettable.