Visit Krka National Park

If you stay in one of the villas in Croatia and wonder what to visit in central Dalmatia, the first place you should visit is Krka National Park. The beautiful Krka National Park is located only fifteen kilometers away from Sibenik. It is named after the river Krka, and the biggest attraction are the numerous waterfalls that adorn it. The richness of flora and fauna, biodiversity, and karst relief are what make this park beautiful and special. The greatest credit for the main attraction, the waterfalls, belongs to the karst relief and travertine deposits which together with the river form a water fairy tale in the hinterland of Sibenik.

How to get to Krka national park and where to buy tickets

No matter where your villa in Croatia is located, you can get to the Krka National Park in an organized way by bus, by booking a private transfer with local agencies, or by car. There are five entrances to the park, of which the most popular and busiest are Lozovac and Skradin. You will easily find a parking space since the parking lots are spacious. You can buy tickets at the entrance or online. In the season, it is definitely recommended to buy tickets earlier online so that you do not have to wait in line at the entrance at high temperatures only to buy tickets.

What to see and do

Through which entrance you step into the park's green space, there are 22 trails available to you. There are also five viewpoints in the park, which offer an open view of the park area and its surroundings, and are an excellent place for photography. Visitors to the park can enjoy many activities during their visit to the park, and the most attractive are cycling, boating, walking on educational trails, and also visiting caves. Cyclists can enjoy a fantastic ride on the bike path that leads from the Skradinski bridge to one of the most beautiful waterfalls - Skradinski buk. The trail is 3.6 kilometers long and is a special experience at any time of the year. Skradinski buk is the longest travertine barrier on the river Krka, and it consists of 17 steps or waterfalls and is one of the most unusual scenes of the river Krka. In this place, a hiking trail has been built across the river along which people can enjoy the soothing sounds of waterfalls and peaceful nature. Roski slap is located about 36 km downstream from the source of the river Krka. It is a big waterfall consisting of 22.5 meters high main waterfalls and countless backwaters, cascades, and travertine islands. You can also visit the island of Visovac by boat. There is a Franciscan monastery on the island, and it is a real tourist attraction. Although small, it abounds in a wealth of attractions. The Franciscans cultivated a multitude of plants, many of which are exotic, but they also planted tall cypresses and trees all around the monastery so that it looks very mysterious and attractive. Swans, peacocks, and turtles also live on the island, which shows how the Franciscans achieved quality coexistence with nature. The monastery also has a museum and its library, and the second smallest book in the world, measuring 3 x 5 mm, which contains the Our Father prayer translated into as many as seven languages, is especially famous. Numerous educational workshops for children are also organized in the park. You can rest in the shade or freshen up in the river when you get tired, but not anywhere. In the park, swimming is allowed in specially marked and designated places. When you get hungry, you can eat something in the restaurants and snack bars in the park, or in one of the restaurants of the charming little Skradin.


Be sure to recharge your mobile phone batteries and bring your cameras before leaving for the Krka National Park. You will surely take some of the amazing photos that will be a reminder of this amazing place and beautiful Dalmatia.


After you have booked one of the villas in Croatia for your future vacation or if you are currently staying in one of the villas in Croatia, be sure to include in your vacation plan a visit to this unique place in which all true lovers of natural beauty will enjoy.

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