Karner Region

If you are looking for the best possible combination of the continent and the coast for your vacation in Croatia, then a vacation in Kvarner is the ideal choice for you! A holidays in Kvarner brings you the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear Adriatic, beautiful nature and forests, rich cultural heritage, luxurious villas in Kvarner and countless opportunities for an active vacation. The sea, islands and mountains are located on the small area, which gives you countless opportunities for various activities depending on your wishes. In addition to being the cradle of Croatian tourism, this area has a great historical and cultural role in the development of Croatia.

The Kvarner region is easily accessible thanks to Rijeka International Airport, and the most popular air lines to Rijeka airport are Stockholm - Rijeka (Ryanair), London - Rijeka (Ryanair) and Eindhoven - Rijeka (Transavia).

Opatija riviera

To begin with, visit the beautiful Opatija, the cradle of tourism in Kvarner. The first hotel in Croatia was opened in Opatija back in 1884, and it is reputed to be one of the most elite summer resorts in Croatia. The Opatija Riviera has a 12 km long promenade along the sea, and you can see beautiful Opatija villas, impeccably maintained gardens and parks and luxury hotels. Walking along the Lungomare promenade, you will also see the symbol of Opatija - the statue of the Girl with a Seagull. The summer stage in Opatija offers numerous musical events, and Opatija is also home to numerous galleries and an art center, making it an ideal choice for all artists and creatives. Thanks to its location, Opatija has been known as a health resort since the Austro-Hungarian era. The high concentration of sea aerosol in the air and the beneficence of the rich forest areas make Opatija a recognized and well-known health resort. Experience all the charms of thalassotherapy and recover with the positive effects of this beautiful sea climate.


The metropolis of Kvarner, the city of Rijeka, is located not far from Opatija. The city of commerce and shipping is today the largest commercial port in Croatia. A rich cultural and artistic life and the biggest carnival event in Croatia sets Rijeka apart from other cities in Kvarner. Take a walk on the Korzo through the city center, and then take a look at the Trsat castle. In addition to the wonderful view from the castle, you can also view the museum exhibition and gallery at the location, and relax in the cafe bar. In the summer months, concerts, plays and fashion shows are held in Trsat. Nearby is the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, the oldest Marian shrine in Croatia with a Franciscan monastery. In memory of Pope John Paul II, who in 2003 visited the shrine, the monument Holy Father - Pilgrim of Trsat was set, the work of sculptor Anto Jurkic. The town of Senj played a historical role in the region, and there you learn about the spirit of Uskok warriors among the walls of the Nehaj fortress and enjoy the biggest summer carnival in Croatia.

Islands Krk, Cres, Losinj and Rab

If you like peace, the expanse of the sea and islands, visit the islands of Rab, Krk, Cres and Losinj. Long promenades, rich fragrant gardens, centuries-old parks and rich fauna of land and sea will win you over at first sight. On these islands, you can enjoy the smell of pine trees, swim in the crystal clear sea, see dolphins at play, Mediterranean fur seals resting, engage in various sports activities, and also eat well! The island of Krk played an important role in the development of Croatian literacy, where the most important Croatian monument - the Bascanska tablet from the year 1100 - was found. This tablet written in Glagolitic was discovered in 1851 by the young priest Petar Dorcic in the floor of the Church of St. Lucia near Baska. The text written on the tablet became an important source of information about the development of the Croatian Glagolitic script, the Croatian language and culture. The unusual island of Cres is home to griffon vultures that take refuge in the Cres eco-center Caput insulae, and on Cres you can also enjoy cycling and walking thanks to the large number of trails. Lubenice beach and Mali bok beach will enchant you with their beauty and colors! The marine waters of the island of Losinj are known as the home of dolphins where you can see them in carefree play, and the island is also a famous diving destination in Kvarner thanks to its rich and interesting underwater world. In addition to diving, on Losinj you can climb rocks, ride bicycles and e-bikes, jump with a parachute, play tennis and much more! Losinj is truly a paradise for active vacations, and when you get hungry, you can enjoy, in addition to local taverns and traditional dishes, the modern cuisine of the Alfred Keller restaurant, which has one Michelin star and is located in Mali Losinj. The forest island of Rab is home to 30 sandy beaches! Visit Paradise Beach, which is reputed to be one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic. In the summer period, you can enjoy the Rab Festival in the old town, and you must try the famous island dessert - Rab Cake.

Kvarner Hinterland

The mountainous green areas are located ten kilometers from the sea in the hinterland of Kvarner. It is an oasis of peace and quiet, and in the winter months it is an increasingly visited destination. If you want to go hiking, Kvarner will delight you with Risnjak National Park. It got its name from the lynx that lives in the park, and in addition to the lynx, the park is also home to bears and wolves. The mushroom picking event is one of the most visited in the park, and you can go mountain biking and sport fishing. The steep elevations of the Ucka mountain rise above Istria and the western part of Kvarner. On top of Vojak there is a tower, which is the protective symbol of Ucka. The tower offers a 360-degree view of Rijeka, the Kvarner Islands, Istria and Platak. Regardless of your fitness level, Ucka offers something for everyone! So you can enjoy hiking, free climbing, mountain biking, free flying and much more. There are numerous hiking and biking trails, educational trails, and workshops that you can explore.

Kvarner cuisine is based on fish, seafood and olive oil. In the hinterland of the region, Gorski kotar, the main role on menu have mushrooms, forest fruits and game dishes. Kvarner brings together top restaurants, taverns and cafes with an Austro-Hungarian flair. There are even three restaurants with a Michelin star in Kvarner, namely "Draga di Lovrana" in Lovran, "Nebo" in Rijeka and "Alfred Keller" in Mali Losinj. Homemade brandies enriched with aromatic herbs are indispensable in every place, and friendly hosts will offer them to you.

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