Makarska Riviera - most beautiful region of central Dalmatia

Makarska Riviera - most beautiful region of central Dalmatia

Makarska Riviera - vacation in luxury villas in the most beautiful region of central Dalmatia

Makarska Riviera is one of the most famous Croatian tourist destinations. It covers the area from Brela in the northwest to Gradac in the far south. Makarska Riviera is 60 km long and is recognizable by its long pebble beaches, natural beauty, cultural and historical heritage, numerous cultural monuments, luxury villas and holiday homes, comfortable hotels, and rich gastronomic offer in restaurants and taverns with authentic Dalmatian food and wines. Makarska Riviera lies at the foot of the mountain Biokovo and is covered with dense pine forest. From whichever side you arrive on the horizon, you can see the blue Adriatic that reaches the islands in front of the Makarska Riviera. Settlements under the cliffs and green slopes of Biokovo have preserved rural architecture, old houses, and taverns. Along the coast are tourist resorts with new hotels, holiday homes and luxury villas on the Makarska Riviera, harmoniously blended into the old fishing villages. The Makarska Riviera includes Brela, Baška Voda, Tučepi, Podgora and Gradac, and the center of the coast is the town of Makarska.

How to arrive?

If you travel to your luxury villa on the Makarska Riviera by car, depending on the direction of arrival (from the direction of Austria / Hungary / Slovenia), you can A1 highway or the Adriatic Highway. If you decide to travel by plane, the airports in Split and Dubrovnik are the closest to the cities on the Makarska Riviera. Split's Resnik Airport is 100 km away from Makarska, and Dubrovnik's 165 km. Buses from Dubrovnik or Split to Makarska run very often (in the season every half hour). Another option is to take a car rental or direct transfer to your luxury villa on the Makarska Riviera.

Places on the Makarska riviera

The whole palette of green and blue shades is what you can definitely experience and feel on your summer vacation on the Makarska Riviera! All destinations on the Makarska Riviera share the same enchanting natural environment, clean pebble beaches with long promenades along the sea among pine trees and modern hotels, luxury holiday villas, apartments, and other tourist and catering facilities.

Brela is one of the most exclusive tourist destinations on the Makarska Riviera, known for its exceptional care for cleanliness and ecology in its small green-blue paradise. Among the numerous tourist awards won, the ownership of the Blue Flag for the purity of the sea and the environment, which belonged to them because of the beautiful beach Punta rata, stands out! The most famous and most visited beach on the Makarska Riviera also attracts tourists staying in other places, so we definitely recommend you to experience this little piece of azure paradise. Walking along the sea, you will come across the Brela Stone, a rock in the sea that has become a trademark of Brela and the most famous tourist location for photography. High above Brela is the rural village of Kričak, which offers local gastronomic specialties, and you can also visit many old churches, a medieval cemetery, and the Herceg Fortress.

Baška Voda is located south of Brela. Baška Voda has been inhabited since antiquity, as evidenced by the archaeological remains on the hill Gradina and the recently discovered remains of the walls of the ancient port in the seabed. The place later developed from the old settlement of Bast under Biokovo mountain into one of the most famous holiday destinations in Dalmatia. The main beach in Baška Voda is Nikolina, and since 2006 the beach has been the holder of the Blue Flag. The most popular beaches are Podluka and Ikovac, beautifully landscaped and maintained, offering everything you need for a full day of enjoyment and relaxation with the sound of the sea, the chirping of birds, and the smell of the pine forest that Baska Voda abounds in. If you are a fan of sailing, Baška Voda is ideal for you because it has its own small but very valuable marina. It is a perfect base for exploring central Dalmatia from your luxury villa. 

Next in line of the Riviera is the town of Makarska, located south of Baska Voda. It is responsible for the development of tourism throughout the Riviera, and has bought the hearts of tourists with its natural and cultural beauties. Makarska is known for its 2 km long beach. The city has developed around a natural port protected by the picturesque peninsula of Sveti Petar and Cape Osejava and is the largest and only such port between the Cetina and Neretva. Today, there is a ferry from the port several times a day to Sumartin on Brač and a catamaran to Korčula, Mljet, Dubrovnik, which is ideal for day trips if you stay in one of the luxury villas on the Makarska Riviera. The Cultural Summer is a program of various events, concerts, exhibitions, and attractive Fishermen's Nights that attract the largest number of tourists and hosts to the Makarska waterfront, as well as the Night of Kalelarga and the Summer Carnival. Makarska waterfront is very lively at night, and cafes, restaurants, and disco bars are full, which makes it an ideal destination for all generations.

Tucepi is known for the longest beach on the Makarska Riviera (more than 3 km) with a beautiful promenade in a pine alley, and it is also known for its nudist beach Nugal. Due to the beautiful view, local gastronomic specialties, and quality wines, tourists often visit the hamlets in Gornji Tučepi. There are three defensive towers at the foot of Biokovo, from the 18th century: Kula Šarić, Bušelić, and Lalić, in the settlements of the same name that served to defend against Turkish attacks. Fans of active holidays can enjoy the football field and the tennis center 'Slatina', which offers five courts. Tucepi also has a marina for fishing and tourist boats and yachts.

It can be said that Podgora is the most famous of all places on the Makarska Riviera and that you should stay there if you want a truly peaceful and relaxing Mediterranean vacation in a small fishing village. Podgora has long been a famous fishing center, and the port is still full of fishing boats that give Podgora a unique charm. Today, traditional stone Dalmatian houses have been renovated and adorn the promenade with a beautiful stone waterfront. The courtyards of holiday homes in Podgora are full of Mediterranean plants and fruits: oranges, lemons, and tangerines.

Gradac is a small place with many ancient remains, and the beautiful beach Gornja vala, south of the port, attracts many tourists. The first hotel was built back in 1919, and today Gradac is a famous tourist place with all the necessary catering and tourist facilities, and many ways to relax, rest and recreation. Rich archeological finds speak of its past from Roman times, the Middle Ages to the present day.

What to do

When you want sightseeing or activities on your vacation on the Makarska Riviera, you can choose something to your liking from a very diverse offer. Nature lovers here have a combination of water and mountain sports in one place. The magnificent mountain Biokovo, partly the Nature Park, is a real paradise for climbers and those who love outdoor walks. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, Biokovo offers many trails depending on your readiness. Of course, the most beautiful benefit of climbing is the fantastic panoramic view of the Riviera and the sea, and it reaches infinity where the sea merges with the sky. Biokovo Nature Park also offers a lookout point "Skywalk Biokovo" in the area of Ravna Vlaška in the Park. It is semicircular in shape and protrudes beyond the edge of the cliff about 11 meters, and is the first celestial promenade in Croatia. From adventure sports you can try Zipline in Tučepi or Parasailing in Baška Voda and MakarskaDiving is available in Brela, and there are 6 locations where diving takes place, depending on the readiness and training of the participants. From other activities on the beaches, you can rent speedboats, pedal boats, and jet skis. Rent a bike on the Makarska Riviera is available at every turn, and you can also book an appointment on the tennis and football courts or practice in open street workout parks. Car rental is also available if you want to take a trip yourself! Each place has its own summer events and cultural summers where you can get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage through music, plays, and exhibitions. What stands out from the offer along with Skywalk is the Makarska Observatory and the Astro Park. They are unique scientific and tourist facilities in the city and are located in the city center on a small natural hill just 50 m from the waterfront and the city beach. The Days of Space are typically held during the season, and the dates are related to the sky spectacle that occurs every year in mid-August, which is the rain of the Perseid meteor popularly known as the “tears of St. Lawrence”. Visiting Brač, Korčula, and Dubrovnik is easy due to the daily lines from Makarska port, and you can book one of the full-day trips to these islands that are offered on the waterfront of each of these places!


Destinations on the Makarska Riviera have a day where the day of the place is held with a piece of fair, live music, preparation of local delicacies, and a fish evening. You can taste and buy local products: olive oil, honey, cheese, dried figs, salted sardines, brandy with the aroma of herbs from Biokovo, and food with a local signature. The villages at the foot of Biokovo offer taverns of traditional decoration, beautiful panoramic views, and delicious traditional food. Taste homemade prosciutto and cheese, pasticada, veal and lamb under the baking lid, homemade macaroni, salsa, and much more. The offer of restaurants in these places is varied, from fast food to fine dining experiences, including meat and fish delicacies and shellfish. Most of them also offer domestic wines from small producers from the Makarska hinterland and the islands. You can also book a private wine tour and visit the Grabovac Winery, located in the Makarska hinterland, near Imotski. Visit the winery, vineyards and taste excellent wines with homemade cheese, dried figs, and honey. If you are a beer lover, you can enjoy the Pub in Makarska!

Holidays on the Makarska Riviera will surely be remembered as one of the best and most beautiful. All places are an ideal combination of beautiful nature, delicious food, and luxury villas for rent on the Makarska Riviera! Whichever place you choose for your vacation, you will not go wrong. Be sure to check out Home Rent offer of luxury villas in Baška Voda that guarantee rest and hedonism in this piece of Mediterranean paradise!