The most famous Croatian Brandies and Liquors

The most famous Croatian Brandies and Liquors

The most famous Croatian Brandies and Liquors

Throughout Croatia, you can try different brandies and liqueurs, and each region, even the city, has its own versions of which they are extremely proud. Rakija (Brandy) is a universal name for alcoholic products made in several Balkan countries, including Croatia. It is obtained by distillation from various fruits and is sometimes additionally flavored or used as a base for liqueur. The most common types of brandy are plum (sljivovica), viljamovka –sort of pear (viljamovka), cherry (visnjevaca), grapes (lozovaca) and many others. Regardless of which part of Croatia you are staying in, some of them will certainly welcome you as a welcome drink from your host in your luxury villa in Croatia.

Below is an overview of the most popular ones.

TRAVARICA is a traditional drink associated with Croatian coastal areas. This rakija has the characteristic aroma and aromatic smell of many Dalmatian herbs because it is imbued with domestic aromatic herbs. It is produced from komovica brandy, and the choice and number of other aromatic herbs varies, usually depending on the region and the season. This brandy is one of the best aperitifs in Croatia.

LOZOVACA is produced by distilling fermented grape using traditional technology in a specific way. It is a strong spirit with a grape aroma and a minimum of 37.5% alcohol. It has a characteristic aroma and taste, and can be made from several grape varieties. It is clear and colorless, and the best variant is made from aromatic grapes with good acidity.

SLJIVOVICA is the most popular in Slavonia and the whole eastern Croatia. It is distilled from locally grown fresh and ripe plums. This clear drink can vary from light yellow to amber in color, depending on whether it has been aged in Slavonian oak. It is characterized by harmonious plum aromas, and the alcohol content ranges from 37.5 to 42.5%.

VISNJEVACA is a liqueur obtained by macerating ripe cherry fruit in brandy. It has a sweet taste, dark red color and a recognizable sweet smell of cherries. Depending on the region, everyone has their own recipe and sometimes people add some special ingredients. Croatia is proud of an autochthonous cherry variety called Maraska, which is grown mostly in the vicinity of Zadar. It is considered the tastiest cherry in the world, which is also confirmed by chemical analysis, which shows that, in its natural habitat in Dalmatia, the concentration of the key content of the marasca cherry consists primarily of dry matter and some aromatic compounds, superior to any other cherry in the world. A special production process in which alcohol is mixed with the juice of the native marasca cherry reveals a sweet-sour taste with a natural fruity aroma unique on the market.

PELINKOVAC is a traditional Croatian herbal liqueur produced by distilling herbal macerates. The distillate is adjusted and mixed with water, alcohol and macerate base. Pelinkovac is mostly dark brown in color and very aromatic. The main ingredient is wormwood, supplemented with fennel, sage and peppermint. The final plant composition may vary depending on the region and season. It has an intense smell and a bitter-sweet taste. Pelinkovac is traditionally consumed as an aperitif or digestif.

TERANINO is a unique Croatian liqueur made from fruit brandy and teran red wine from which it got its name. This liqueur is usually sweetened and flavored with various herbs such as cinnamon, cloves, star anise, lemon, vanilla or fennel. The result is a ruby red liqueur with fruity notes and sweet, spicy aromas. Teranino is sweet and usually has between 15 and 20% alcohol. The multiple award-winning Croatian Teranino is Istrian produced by the Aura distillery.

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