The most famous Croatian city - Dubrovnik

The most famous Croatian city - Dubrovnik

The most famous Croatian city - Dubrovnik

Located in the very south of Croatia at the foot of the hill Srđ, the city of Dubrovnik, although so small, is a world-famous Croatian tourist destination. It attracts guests from all over the world with its history, cultural heritage and natural beauty. Once upon a time in history it was a republic with a strong and developed merchant navy. This small republic was sophisticated, refined and cultivated. Today, the pedestrian-friendly Old Town is full of aristocratic palaces and elegant Baroque churches. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, including glamorous names such as Beyoncé, Roman Abramovich, Sir Roger Moore and Naomi Campbell and others.

How to get there?

If you plan to arrive to Dubrovnik by plane, the airport is 20 km away from the city. From there you can take a direct transfer, taxi or rent-a-car to your luxury villa in Dubrovnik. If you travel by car, coming to Dubrovnik from the summer of 2022 will be even easier, thanks to the Pelješac Bridge. If you are traveling from the north, you can choose between the Adriatic Highway or the A1 highway. The highway ends in Ploče, so you need to continue along the highway by the sea. With the Pelješac Bridge open, you will avoid crossing the border in Neum. If you travel by bus, along international lines, there are daily intercity connections of Dubrovnik with all major cities in Croatia. The modern port of Gruž is connected by ferry lines with other Croatian ports (seasonal ferry lines with the ports of Split, Brač, Hvar, Korčula and Lastovo) and the Italian port of Bari.

What to see and do?

The city is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of the amazing Old Town, historic 16th century stone walls and beautiful churches. No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without a walk around the spectacular city walls that surround its historic core. They are among the best in the world and are the main feature of the city. From the top is a view of the old town and the glittering Adriatic enchanting. Along the mentioned walls, the way to see the Old Town of Dubrovnik is definitely from Srđ to which the cable car leads. Panoramic views of the red roofs, the endless blue of sea and sky and the greenery of Mediterranean herbs on Srđ remain in the memory of all visitors. Especially popular is the time of visiting at sunset when the whole scene is bathed in a beautiful golden glow. The entrance to the old town is provided by the stone Gate of Pila. Beautifully carved stone and renaissance arches make them extremely beautiful, especially when light at night, or during a guard, which also happens at night. Walking through the city you will also come across the Rector's Palace. Beautiful Gothic and Renaissance building on the edge of the Old Town. It was originally a place of defense in the Middle Ages, but when it was destroyed by fire in the 15th century, it was rebuilt as a palace that served as the seat of the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa. The Old Town and the Dubrovnik walls abound in fortifications, towers and churches. The patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik is St. Vlaho. The Feast of St. Vlaho, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, is a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage Site in Croatia, which, since the celebration of its feast day on February 3, has lasted continuously since 972. Namely, the people of Dubrovnik believe that St. Vlaho helped them defend themselves against the Venetians. All we can do is thank is St. Vlaho who helped preserve such historical beauties that served as a backdrop for the popular a Game of Thrones series that was filmed all over town! If you get tired of exploring the old town while walking, the view from the sea from the kayak is ideal for you. Many routes paddle around the walls of the Old Town, passing by Buza, the Tower of St. John, Porporela, the Old Port, before crossing the bay to the idyllic island of Lokrum for sunbathing, diving, picnics and more. Along the main city beach Banje, just below the walls, some of the best beaches are located on the Lapad peninsula, three kilometers from the city. Lokrum has a beautiful botanical garden, and the Elaphite Islands with the scent of pine trees are known for their sandy beaches, vineyards and olive groves. The Mljet National Park is also close by, a one-hour boat ride from the Port of Gruž, and is known as the home of the Mediterranean seal. In the city you can rent bicycles, boats and cars if you like to explore the beauties in your own arrangement! It is recommended that you buy a tourist card that allows you to enter most of the attractions and museums where tickets are paid.


Within the walls of Dubrovnik there are a handful of wine bars, elegant fish restaurants and traditional taverns. What they all have in common is fresh local seafood, which is at the top of the menu in Dubrovnik. You can indulge in fresh Ston oysters, shrimps on buzara and whole fresh fish, served in fillets. For those who want to try one of Dubrovnik's signature dishes, it is necessary to taste green menestra, smoked meat and cabbage stew. For gourmets, there are a number of favorite homemade desserts such as Dubrovnik rožata, Ston cake, kotonjata and arancini. Fans of fine dining can enjoy the Michelin restaurant 360°. It offers a magical environment, starting from the entrance through the imposing walls of Dubrovnik, and then if the weather allows, escort you to the terrace, where the name of the restaurant suddenly becomes clear - the view extends 360 °, overlooking the rooftops of this magical city, sea and coast. The perfect choice for an enchanting and certainly gourmet evening.

You will surely remember your vacation in Dubrovnik if you choose a luxury villa with full service in Dubrovnik. When after a whole day of sightseeing and swimming you come to your villa where there is a personal concierge for all your wishes and you can relax in the pool and jacuzzi, a carefree and unforgettable vacation in Dubrovnik is guaranteed!

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