Rafting in Croatia

In recent years, the most wanted travel and vacation destinations are those that combine the desire to enjoy beautiful nature, top-quality food, and sports activities. Precisely because of this, it is not surprising that various adrenaline activities are an integral part of the Croatian tourist offer, and ideas for an active vacation are one of the most frequent questions of foreign and local guests.

When it comes to active tourism and adrenaline sports, rafting in Croatia is an ideal combination of adventure and fun and an indispensable activity for all recreational and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Easily adaptable to all ages, it is a favorite form of active vacation for children and adults, especially during warm summer days.

The mild Mediterranean climate, specific geographical relief and numerous rivers surrounded by karst canyons are the reason why rafting in Croatia is also the perfect way to explore hidden parts of the lush and untouched Croatian hinterland and nature that will leave you speechless.

Cetina river

Where to go rafting in Croatia?

Central Dalmatia

Rafting on Cetina river - The most popular rafting destination is undoubtedly the Cetina river canyon, just a few minutes away from the Adriatic coast.

Surrounded by untouched nature, waterfalls and rapids, the Cetina river is an ideal place for new and experienced lovers of this sport. The 104 km long river is fast and turbulent in the highest part of the river flow and satisfies the appetites of the more demanding adventurers, while in the middle and final part of the flow, it is suitable for beginners and families with children. Numerous local agencies organize customized rafting tours in the Cetina river canyon from the starting point near the town of Omiš, during which are also visited the recognizable rapids Studenci and Oblačnik, and the tours usually end with swimming and relaxing on the banks of the river.

Zrmanja river

North Dalmatia

Rafting on Zrmanja river - Next on the list is Zrmanja - a 69 km long river whose canyon is surrounded by impressive karst relief and travertine waterfalls, also known as the place where a popular movie about the Indian chief Winnetou was shot in the 1960s.

The canyon of the Zrmanja River is part of the Velebit Nature Park, which is an hour's drive from Zadar, while Split is a little less than two hours' drive away.

The rafting season on this river also starts in the spring and usually continues in the fall after more autumn rains fall and when the river is full of water. It is recognizable to visitors for its spectacular waterfalls and cliffs from which you can jump in certain parts, and the Veliki buk waterfall, which falls from a height of 11 m, is an essential attraction. The descent down the river is relatively calm all the way down, which makes it ideal for families and beginners.

The area of the city of Karlovac

Rafting on Korana river - the first river that we will single out in the area of the city of Karlovac is the 134 km long Korana river, which is special because it springs in the National Park Plitvice lakes, and until its confluence with the Kupa river, depending on the season and water level, its distinctive winding appearance changes several times. As a rafting destination, it is recommended for families with children in the summer, while in the spring, due to melting snow and a larger amount of water, it is intended for more experienced lovers of this sport. The fact that the RastRaft race takes place on Korana, which is part of the European Rafting Cup, and which brings together an increasing number of competitors every year, speaks a lot about how demanding the route can become in the spring.


Rafting on Kupa rive- the longest river in the Karlovac area is the Kupa river, which springs in the Risnjak National Park, and is 296 km long. It is surrounded by forest and high rocks throughout its flow and is especially known for its specific blue-green color. Rafting on the Kupa is always organized in the upper part of the river flow, which is part of the mountain area of Gorski kotar, and all the tours that are organized are adapted especially for beginners and for more demanding adventurers. Organized tours usually start from Brod on Kupa, which is an hour away from the city of Rijeka.

Rfting on Mreznica river - the last to highlight, but by no means least important, is the river Mreznica. Although, with its 64 km, it is not considered one of the long Croatian rivers, Mreznica is enriched with a large number of waterfalls that create small connected lakes and picturesque travertine cascades of different heights along the entire river flow.

Most of the Mreznica flow is mostly calm and allows you to enjoy the nature that surrounds it, which makes Mreznica an ideal choice for rafting beginners or families with children.

Whichever of the mentioned rafting destinations you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy it and find something to your liking. When planning your active vacation in Croatia, be sure to look at the HomeRent holiday villas for rent near your desired location. On our blog, Croatia in style, find all the interesting things and suggestions for a vacation you will remember.