Solta, an island of untouched beauty

Solta, an island of untouched beauty

Solta, an island of untouched beauty

If you are looking for an ideal location for peaceful holidays and a holiday villa in Croatia by the sea, in nature, and a place without many tourists, then the island of Solta is the ideal place for your relaxing vacation in Croatia! Located only 45 minutes drive (ferry) from Split, the island of Solta is still known as one of the wild and untouched islands of Dalmatia. Full of hidden coves and beaches accessible only by boat Solta attracts lovers of nature, peace, and quiet No wonder it is a frequent destination for robinsons vacation lovers. In recent years, dozens of luxury villas for rent have been built on the island, which will provide you with perfect comfort.

How to reach Solta

You can reach Solta by ferry or speed boat line (catamaran). The only port where the ferry docks is Rogac, located just opposite Split. Arriving in Rogac you can notice the dense green pine forest surrounding this small place and the crystal clear sea, even in the ferry port. In summer, Split and Solta are connected by 6 ferry lines a day. The speedboat line goes 3 times a day and docks in Stomorska and Rogač. So if you come by car to one of the villas on Solta, your only choice is a ferry.

Settlements on Solta

Rogac is located on the north side of the island and was given the role of ferry port of this beautiful island. Rogač is busiest at the time of arrival and departure of the ferry. The rest of the time it is a very quiet place with crystal clear sea, several beautiful beaches, and several restaurants. Grohote, settled above Rogac, is the largest and oldest place on the island and municipality of Solta. It provides island with the largest market, shop, ambulance and is a place where all important cultural events take place. It is known for its old center with typical old dalmatian stone houses and narrow streets. Grohote is located at the main traffic intersection from where the roads lead to the eastern and western parts of the island. On the east part is located Maslinica, and in the west part Stomorska, two ideal shelters for boaters in which local marinas are located. Stomorska is a small fishing village with a promenade by the sea that abounds in restaurants and souvenir shops, and there are several small beaches along both sides of the bay Stomorska. Maslinica is also a small fisherman place, but much more popular due to the larger nautical port, a larger offer of restaurants, and bigger beaches. It developed around the castle of the old noble Marchi family. After the restoration of the castle and the development of the port, the place also developed. The castle is now a hotel in front of which are berthed large modern yachts and right next to those modern miracles you can buy freshly caught fish from local fishermen. It is a perfect combination of a modern and traditional way of life and all this in the beautiful nature of a dense pine forest. In front of Maslinica, there are 7 small islets that you can visit and swim in peace and quiet if you rent a boat on the waterfront. Maslinica has some of the most beautiful holiday villas on the island. Necujam is the most popular place on the island in terms of accommodation, and you will certainly find a villa or holiday home on Solta to suit your needs. It has the largest beach on the island and offers several restaurants and cafes. Necujam offers a diving tour on the site of a sunken ship, and Piškera Bay abounds in healing mud which you can spread over your body in search of healing and SPA experience in nature!

What to do on Solta?

Fans of active holidays will definitely enjoy Solta island! This island is an ideal location for an active vacation in Croatia with Home Rent agency. The south side of the island is accessible for climbing. You can apply to a local agency, and your adventure can begin. Bike trails are available throughout the island, and you can enroll in a diving course. You will see the beautiful underwater world and the sunken ship in Necujam. If you want to visit hidden coves and discover beautiful beaches, you can always rent a boat. Some of the most famous and most beautiful hidden coves are definitely Stračinska, Tatinja, Jorja, Senjska, and Šešula. Every summer, the island hosts the Solta Cultural Summer, which abounds in music, painting, and dance events where you can get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Dalmatia. The trademark of the island and its symbol is the owl Cuvita that lives on the island. That is why the inhabitants of the island are often called "Cuvitars"!


If you are a fan of gastronomy, be sure to visit local households and try homemade honey, wine, olive oil, cheese, and veal under the baking lid. The island is best known for the multi-award-winning olive oil of the Levantinka variety and the autochthonous Dobrić wine variety. The largest offer of restaurants is on the waterfront in Stomorska and Maslinica, and they are ideal for spending summer evenings by the sea.

Although close to Split, the island of Solta has retained its wilderness and originality. Solta is an ideal destination for a quiet family vacation in Croatia. We recommend it to all tourists who want beautiful nature, silence, clean sea, and relaxation. Motto of the local tourist board says - to feel nature, visit Šolta – and can not be more accurate! 

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