Where to drink the best coffee in Split

Where to drink the best coffee in Split

Where to drink the best coffee in Split?

If you are one of those who truly enjoy a cup of good coffee and don't spend the day without your dose of this caffeinated beverage, welcome to Split - a city where drinking coffee takes on a whole new dimension and becomes a hedonistic ritual that successfully defies even the busy everyday life. Therefore, discover the culture of drinking this irreplaceable beverage while enjoying the sun and beautiful views with Home Rent, and let it become your main daily ritual while spending your vacation in Split while you are in one of our villas in Split. For an authentic local experience, below are some of the most famous and beautiful Split 'caffe' locations.

Recently, there are more and more popular places with so-called 'specialty coffee', and one of the most famous among them is Kava 2 - a small cafe located not far from the old city center, which makes it a favorite stopover for everyone heading towards the city center of Split. It is a charming place where the preparation of top-quality coffee is a pure art, and everything about the details related to coffee, the individual types of specialty coffee that comes to the Kave 2 roaster, as well as the methods of their preparation, you will find out from the always friendly staff, who will be happy to share with you a small piece of art behind the cup of coffee they serve you. Therefore, whether you want to enjoy a sip of coffee and a sweet bite of freshly baked cookies on their idyllic green terrace, or you're just passing by to get a coffee to go and continue exploring Split's alleys, Kava 2 should definitely be at the top of your list of places you want to visit while on vacation in Split.

D16 Coffe

In the very center of the city of Split, in the alleys of the Diocletian's Palace, there is D16 Coffee - another specialty coffee shop that stands out among real coffee lovers alike for its ambiance, quality of prepared coffee and the story that accompanies each of the types they have on offer and they share it in an interesting way with everyone who visits them. The most classic espresso, cappuccino or macchiato here are anything but ordinary coffee, and the main reason for that is the daily freshly roasted coffee whose beans come to this Split coffee oasis from as far as Ethiopia and Colombia. The pleasant ambience of this cafe attracts a large number of digital nomads every day, who you will find doing various jobs on their laptops while enjoying a cup of premium coffee. And don't worry, in D16 you have the opportunity to buy the coffee that you try and that delights you on the spot and continue to enjoy top quality coffee prepared at home.

As the recipe for the best coffee in Split always includes the sun, a pleasant environment and mostly a spectacular view of the city and the coast, the city's cafes that offer commercial types of coffee are indispensable, which, in combination with all the mentioned factors, transforms ordinary coffee into unforgettable Split coffee experience.

Olive Tree cafe

Due to the multitude of cafes that you will come across while walking along Split's Riva, it is often called the ''living room'' of the people of Split when it comes to the ritual of drinking coffee, so be sure to grab a seat in any of them and enjoy your coffee with a view of the coast and palm trees in the center of Split. Among them, we particularly single out the Olive Tree cafe, recognizable for its beautiful terrace with tables arranged among olive trees, and the Fro cafe, which stands out for its excellent location in the central part of the Riva and the long tradition they build with their regular guests, which is why there is always wanted a one more place on the terrace.

At the very end of Split's Riva, there is the city square Prokurative, where the famous city cafe Bajamonti is located, on the site of the former cult cinema Marjan, about which Bajamonti still tells an interesting story with its film design and pictures. Due to the open view of the square towards the sea and the beautiful view from the square, the Bajamonti terrace is a favorite place of the locals for the first morning coffee and the daily newspaper. Even if you don't read newspapers, it is a special charm to observe, at least for a short time, that small part of the specific everyday life in Split, the main part of which is to start the day with a cup of good coffee.


A little further from Prokurative, on the west coast of the city, you can drink a coffee with a view of the Split Riva and the islands in the beautiful ambience of the Basta Gourmet Bar terrace. This place is located on a promenade just a few meters from the sea, and it exudes the pure Mediterranean, charm and beauty of the landscape that surrounds it.

We round off the wider city center of Split with another place where coffee with a spectacular view of the entire city is definitely a special experience. It is the restaurant Teraca Vidilica on the first Marjan viewpoint. It is reached by stairs leading from the west coast, and is known as an ideal place for Marjan recreationists and all visitors who enjoy the view of the city of Split, Diocletian's Palace, the sea, the harbor and the nearby islands of Brač and Šolta. If you ask us, Vidilica is the perfect place for a good coffee and a rest after a day of exploring the city.

Teraca Vidilica

Finally, we left two well-known locations that, apart from good coffee, are known for the spectacular view of the Split sunsets that leave you breathless.

On the north side, at the foot of Marjan, right next to the coast and the small Port of Split, Procaffe Cafe is located, known for its long-standing tradition of roasting and mixing different types of coffee, which led them to a recognizable recipe whose quality is always consistent. In addition to top-quality coffee, Procaffe is also known for the excellent cakes and tarts that they offer on a daily basis. Because of its location, this place is made for relaxing and drinking a long coffee with a view of the sea and the entire Kastela bay, while the numerous sailboats and rowing boats that pass right by the cafe's terrace also contribute to such an ambiance. Given that this part of the city is known as the location where the sunsets last the longest, there is nothing better than seeing off the day with such an ambience and enjoying the rhapsody of colors that can be seen at sunset from this place.

Cafe Procaffe

On the opposite side of the city, above the city beaches of Firule and Ovčica, there is a picturesque restaurant and cafe Dvor, known for its specific cascading terraces in an intimate setting with a view of the sea and nearby islands. Today, this historic villa is one of the most visited restaurants thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and quality service, so the choice for a late afternoon coffee and a sweet snack is more than clear. Enjoy the smell of the sea, pine trees and your favorite coffee and wait for another unreal sunset on the right place.

Dvor Split

Restaurnat and cafe Davor

Although on this occasion we have listed only some of the places that you must not miss during your vacation in Split, it is worth knowing that Split's city streets are full of interesting bars that you have yet to discover. Each of them tells a different story with its ambience, and with one common goal – enjoying this everyone's favorite ritual of drinking coffee in the Split way.

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