Best beaches on Makarska Riviera

Best beaches on Makarska Riviera

Best beaches on Makarska Riviera

Despite the great popularity of the azure paradise of the Makarska Riviera, its public beaches are extremely well maintained, offer many activities and almost every place has its own blue flag beach, which guarantees exceptional cleanliness of the sea and a high level of maintenance of the beach. The colors you can experience on the horizon in front of you as you bathe in the crystal clear Adriatic you will remember for a lifetime. The beaches itself are beautiful, but the view from the sea to the mainland is an experience for itself. In the background the magnificent Biokovo, and below the greenery- mostly pine forests on the beach and extremely white pebble accompanied with the smell of pine and the sea will be stored in your memory forever.

Punta Rata

This beach was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe and one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world by Forbes magazine. The beach is pebbly with a sandy entrance to the sea. Punta Rata is a very “instagrammable” beach thanks to the turquoise colour of the sea. This is largely due to an unusual tree-covered rock Brela that emerges from the sea, a symbol of Punta Rata. Punta Rata itself has become the symbol of the Makarska Riviera and is now one of the most famous places to visit in the region. This beach jewel and its dense pine forest have been protected since 1964, which allowed the beach to maintain its natural environment. Top water quality has been awarded with the “Blue Flag” and beside snorkeling other popular activities are tours with the SUP (stand-up paddling) or kayaking. Pedal boating, jet skiing and parasailing are also offered on site. From the sea, you will get the opportunity to marvel at the beautiful coast of Brela from a completely different perspective. This beach is often on must visit list even if you are not staying in Brela itself. One day trip or just a quick dip and one afternoon in this little heaven is enough to have beautiful mediteranean vacation memories.

Tučepi beach

The 4 km long beach of Tucepi is a breathtaking, gently sloping and very bright pebble beach. This one is really popular with families with children and offers vacationers a varied program of leisure and water sports activities. Tucepi has a lovely promenade that runs along the back of the beach with a good variety or restaurants, bars and cafe’s. Although touristy, Tucepi is really pleasant and has a high standard. Visitors can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, and use the showers and changing rooms. Apart from sunbathing and swimming, the beach has a number of water attractions such as banana rides and parasailing.

Ikovac Beach

Ikovac Beach situated just below Luxury Villa Hedone and Luxury Villa Aristippos in Brela, offers you turquoise and clear sea. It is ideal for families as it offers various recreational facilities like kayaks, canoes and jet skis. It also offers bars and restaurants, as well as sunbeds and parasols since the narrow beach offers little to no shade. It stretches 200 m along the promenade and the street that goes to Brela. With the same street you can go all the way to center of Baška, or to the nerby Podluka beach. Similar to that one in Punta Rata, you can photograph Ikovac stone!


The Podrače beach in Brela is one of the most photographed beaches of Croatia. It is in very close proximity to Punta Rata beach. Magnificent pebble bay lies hidden between rocks and green pine trees and shines in the most beautiful azure sea colors. Here, the water is crystal clear and there are some good spots around the rocks to snorkel and to admire the intact underwater world.


Vruja Beach is one of Makarska’s secret beaches. It is located near Brela, in the very north of the Makarska Riviera. This picturesque natural bay offers a dream setting with red rocks and untouched nature. The always clean and cold sea of Vruja beach is one of the reasons why it is worth making a visit. Vruja beach is hidden from view and the high cliffs hinder access to walkers, due to which access from the sea is ideal. Although partly reserved for naturists, families with small children looking for peace and quiet are frequent guests. Beach has a little to no shade at all and there aren't any kind of facilities on it. Make sure to bring everything needed with you. A real insider tip among the quiet and secluded beaches of the Makarska Riviera!


If you follow the right gravel road on Makarska’s Osejava peninsula in the direction of Tučepi, you’ll end up on one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Makarska Riviera. Hundreds of metres from the first houses is one of the most famous nude beach in Croatia – Nugal. The beach is in the shadow of a huge cliff, from which a waterfall plummets into a small lake during the winter months. Lined with very tall and very old pine trees, Nugal is a true dream beach. Beach doesnt offer any kind of caffes or natural shade in great amount, so it is advised to arrive well prepared and with own sun protection equipement if planning to stay for a longer time!


Between Podgora and Tučepi lies a piece of easily accessible wilderness. Popular with both clothed and unclothed bathers. There’s virtually no infrastructure in the immediate vicinity, so you should bring drinks and snacks with you. The adjacent pines and olive groves provide shade and make this beach a real piece of heaven on earth. The sound of the waves and the chirping of the crickets are the only sounds you will hear. The beach is covered with gravel and stone, and surrounded by small cliffs and pine forests. The sea is a beautiful turquoise colour.

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