Bungee jumping in Croatia

Bungee jumping in Croatia

Bungee jumping in Croatia

You are planning an active vacation in Croatia and are you looking for various adrenaline activities that will push your limits and make your vacation exciting and unforgettable? Bungee jumping is the right choice for the bravest, and we bring you all the details about the most famous locations where you can embark on this challenge on the Croatian coast.

The first and most famous location for bungee jumping in Croatia is the recognizable Maslenicki bridge, some 30 km from Zadar. Agencies in the area often organize transportation of interested jumpers by car or minivan from Zadar to the bridge, making it easy to organize the actual arrival at the jumping place. The Maslenicki bridge is the highest point for jumping from a bridge in Croatia, so those who are daring will be able to jump here from a height of 56 meters towards the sea, and stop only 5 meters above its surface. After performing the jump, a ready boat is waiting for you under the bridge that will take you back to the land where your adventure ends, and in order to have a lasting memory of this kind of venture, the organizers offer the option of performing a jump with a GoPro camera, which you certainly do not want to miss.

A little further south, near the town of Sibenik, is our next location for bungee jumping in Croatia – the Sibenik bridge. Although it is a point about 10 meters lower than the Maslenica Bridge, the experience of performing the jump itself is perhaps even more exciting considering that you do not return to the land in a boat like on the Maslenica Bridge, but here the organizing team pulls you back to the platform itself. Jumping which makes the whole jump even more attractive. Of course, you are also offered the option of recording the entire jump with a GoPro camera so that you can take this unforgettable bungee adventure experience with you.

When we talk about bungee jumps from bridges, it is mostly about slightly higher heights, which makes the jumps themselves even more exciting, but we must not forget to mention another attractive location where it is possible to embark on this adventure, even though it is not a classic jump from a bridge.

It is the island of Pag, the most visited party beach Zrce. In addition to being known as a favorite destination of all tourists who are looking for summer fun and top bars and clubs, this beach offers the possibility of embarking on a bungee adventure in a slightly different way, but with the same guaranteed adrenaline experience. It is a crane slightly smaller than 40 meters from which bungee jumps have been performed for several years in the summer season. The crane is open day and night, which certainly makes the experience even greater.

All the mentioned locations offer the possibility of jumping exclusively in the summer season, and mostly from the beginning of July to the end of August, and are organized by professional teams that have been taking care of the safety of all jumpers for many years. Of course, we note that bungee jumping is still an extreme sport and that it is extremely important to listen to the precise instructions and guidelines of professionals about the conditions before performing the jump itself to fully experience this adrenaline adventure.

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