The city of Šibenik - an unavoidable tourist destination of the central Adriatic

At the top of the list of attractive destinations that abound in the central Adriatic, the City of Šibenik is slowly but surely taking its place. As a town of unique position in the bay at the mouth of the river Krka, Šibenik is becoming an unavoidable tourist destination. As one of the oldest Croatian cities, is a source of rich history, interesting architecture and a combination of different artistic styles. Already the first walk through the narrow streets of the old town you will reach the symbol of the city of Šibenik - the Cathedral of St. Jacob. Due to its impressive construction, it is known as the most significant architectural achievement in the area, and has been under UNESCO protection for 20 years.

How to reach it?

If you arrive by car for a holiday in a villa for rent in Sibenik, then by highway from Zagreb to Sibenik you arrive in three to three and a half hours or by the Adriatic Highway from Rijeka in about four hours, and from Dubrovnik in about four hours. If you arrive by plane, then the nearest airports are Zadar and Split, and then, depending on your desire, you can continue journey by bus, direct transfer to your Sibenik villa or rent a car in Zadar or Split.

Krka National Park

What to see and do?

When it comes to the sights of the city of Šibenik, special attention is drawn to the 4 Šibenik fortresses which, along with other city fortifications, have had a major defensive significance in history. Three of the four fortresses are open to the public, so at the fortresses of Barone and Sv. Mihovil you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, views of the city and the entire Šibenik archipelago. In a special way, the fortress of St. Nikola, which represents the border between Šibenik and the open sea, and a promenade leads to it in the channel of St. Ante which takes your breath away with its landscape. Numerous options are available to explore the mentioned St. Ante, whether you love walking, cycling or sailing to the fortress itself, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. Thanks to its unique position, Šibenik boasts the proximity of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia. Near the town is the Krka National Park, whose travertine waterfalls are an unavoidable destination at any time of the year, and nearby is the Kornati National Park - the so-called "stone pearl of the Adriatic Sea". By boat from the Šibenik waterfront you have the opportunity to tour the Kornati islands and cliffs, and enjoy the white pebble beaches, turquoise blue sea and fish specialties of local restaurants. Of course, the specialty of local cuisine is not lacking in the gastronomic offer of Šibenik restaurants. Apart from the wider city center, which is surrounded by well-maintained city beaches with many sports and entertainment facilities, the surroundings of Šibenik are known for beautiful pebble beaches for all those who want to relax from city crowds and hectic everyday life, so do not skip a trip to June beach in Primosten or Zaboric beach in the place of the same name near Šibenik.


Gastronomy of Sibenik

In the streets in the heart of the city you will find many different restaurants with a rich offer of Dalmatian flavors and local fish specialties, complemented by top wines from nearby vineyards. Among them, the Pelegrini restaurant, famous for its Michelin star, stands out, and is located next to the already mentioned Šibenik Cathedral. The most famous dishe is the Skradin risotto, definiely the gastronomic icon of this area. It takes long-lasting preparation and the local ingredients to make it so special. In continental and more traditional part of Sibenik area, cisine is based on domestic meat, cheese and prosciutto. You can visit many family households with delicious food, local wines and enjoy the gastronomic heritage of the Šibenik region in a relaxed atmosphere and traditional decoration. Try peka, lamb from skewer, the smoked ham from Drniš and Skradin cake with a glass of local wine and enjoy to the fullest your vacation in this beautiful part of Croatia.

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