Magnificent mountain Biokovo and nature park Biokovo

Magnificent mountain Biokovo and nature park Biokovo

Magnificent mountain Biokovo and nature park Biokovo

Mount Biokovo is one of the most picturesque landscapes on the Adriatic. It is 36 km long and is located in the Split-Dalmatia County and divides the Adriatic from Zagora (Dalmatian countryside). Biokovo rises magnificently in the area of the towns of Makarska and Vrgorac, and many other smaller towns and municipalities. It stretches along the Adriatic coast from the Dubci pass to the Baćin Lakes, and the northeastern border is the A1 highway section. The highest peak of the mountain is Sveti Jure, 1762 meters high, to which the 23 km long Biokovo road leads. If you prefer hiking, then every step to the highest peak will be unsurpassed by a panoramic view of the sea and islands, Zagora and neighboring Italy. The main entrance to the mountain Biokovo, along with numerous walking trails, is located on the 6th kilometer of the road Makarska – Vrgorac, where the Biokovo road begins and is marked with information signs and brown signs. Biokovo stands out with its karst relief. In this area there is a large number of caves, pits and sinkholes. It is an extremely popular tourist destination thanks to the many prerequisites it provides for many activities.

The most popular activity on Biokovo is, as expected, walking and hiking. In all places under Biokovo, most often in tourist information centers, you can take maps with all the marked hiking and walking trails. The central part of Biokovo is the highest and most attractive to tourists because numerous hiking trails lead to the highest peak of Sveti Jure, and you can spend the night in two mountain houses. Among the Biokovo peaks, the highest peak Sveti Jure (1762 m) occupies a special place. Nearby is the picturesque church of St. Jure, and from the top there is an exceptional panoramic view of Zagora and the islands, and in clear weather you can see the Bosnian mountains and Monte Gargano in Italy. The top can be reached by a hiking trail from Makar via Vosac and from Veliko Brdo and Baskovic via Lokva on the coastal side. It is also possible to reach it from the Zagora side from Milic and from the top of Turija. The most beautiful view of the sea and the rocks of Biokovo is from the top of Vosac. The reason is the fact that this 1421 meter high peak is air distanced from the sea only 2100 m, which allows visitors to experience an unforgettable bird's eye view of the settlements and beaches of the Makarska Riviera and the city of Makarska. Vosac is a popular resting place for hikers and excursionists because two well-maintained hiking trails from Makarska lead to it. At the top is a mountain lodge.

The northern part of the mountain Biokovo was declared a Nature Park in 1981. In addition to its heights, the mountain has unimaginable depths. Over 400 pits and caves have been discovered, and some of them are forever full of snow and ice that withstand even the hottest sun. The vegetation is diverse and interesting. Juniper, oak and hornbeam are in the foothills, and beech, maple, linden, fir and Dalmatian black pine in the higher parts of the mountain, which boasts more protected endemic species; Biokovo bell, Biokovo rabbit, etc. The animal world is also diverse and inhabited by: weasel, marten, barn owl, golden eagle, snake eagle, chamois, mouflon and others, but also endemic Biokovo cave beetle.

The Botanical Garden at an altitude of 350 to 500 meters is an integral part of the Biokovo Nature Park. It is formed as a "fenced part of nature" where natural forms of vegetation with native flora will be preserved. About 300 wild plant species, from typically Mediterranean to mountainous, have been identified on the surface of the garden, and exotic, agricultural and medicinal plants have been planted in some areas too. In the spring in the garden is a particularly impressive Adriatic iris, a Dalmatian endemic with its large lilac flowers. Along the cliff of the Botanical Garden are the walls of the great Castle - a fortification from the 17th century, which impresses with its appearance.

Mountain Biokovo also has many lookouts, the most famous of which is the Skywalk Biokovo. It is located in the area of Ravna Vlaska, at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level. The lookout point can be reached by the Biokovo road, which leads from the entrance reception of the Biokovo Nature Park, approximately 6 km east of Makarska. It offers views of the sea and islands, and on windy sunny days you can see Italy. Walking on the transparent glass beyond the edge of the cliff allows you to experience the Biokovo rocks from a bird's eye view. The Ravna Vlaška Information Center is located right next to the lookout point and is open to visitors every day during the summer months. In it, visitors can get promotional material and information about the Park, get acquainted with the geological past of Biokovo based on a geological pillar, see photos of flora and fauna, and learn about glacier pits and life of residents in settlements in the past.

The Adrion - Heart of the Mountain Presentation Center is located in the newly renovated administrative building of the Public Institution "Biokovo Nature Park" at the City Sports Center in Makarska. 120 square meters is Biokovo in small. You can educate yourself about the origin of the Earth, mountain massifs, flora and fauna, cultural heritage and all with augmented reality, microscope, earthquake simulator, LCD touch screens in the new, modern multimedia presentation center of Biokovo Nature Park.

For excursionists to Biokovo, it is important to point out that all the ascents from the coast are long and strenuous, mostly exposed to the sun and that is why you are advised go to the mountain at dawn. Due to the difficult terrain, you should definitely avoid ascents in unfavorable weather conditions (fog, bora, snow), and be well prepared for hiking. For all trips to Biokovo, you need to bring enough water, because there is no water on the mountain. Although beautiful, the mountain Biokovo is also dangerous, if not respected enough, so the curious are advised to be extremely careful, use only marked hiking trails, or go on one of the professionally organized excursions. A visit to Biokovo, however, provides a unique experience of the mountain and the sea that should not be missed.

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