Primosten, ideal destination for family vacation in Croatia

Primosten, ideal destination for family vacation in Croatia

Primosten, ideal destination for family vacation in Croatia

There are many destinations on the Adriatic with beautiful beaches and everything needed for a peaceful and relaxing vacation, but hardly any place in Dalmatia can be compared to Primosten. In Primosten, you can adapt your vacation to your needs because it offers absolutely everything: beautiful beaches, various bars and restaurants, luxurious villas and opportunities for plenty of activities! Located south of Sibenik, near natural beauties, islands and Dalmatian Zagora, it combines the best of sea and hinterland. We will try to bring closer to you at least a part of its beauty. Book luxury villas in Croatia with Home Rent.

How to get to Primosten

The nearest airport to Primosten is Split Airport, which is 35 km from the center of the town. If you do not rent a car, you can get from Split airport to Primosten by direct transfer/taxi or by bus from Trogir.

If you are traveling by car on the A1 highway, exit the highway at the Vrpolje exit and continue on the local roads to Primosten. If you travel along the Adriatic highway, you will reach Primosten directly because the highway passes through the town itself.

What to do and see in Primosten

The small but colorful town of Primosten offers you a handful of opportunities for various activities. Its historical peninsula, which was once an island, represents the historical core of the city. Narrow stone streets, many restaurants, shops and souvenir shops are located in the old town. On the picturesque peninsula, the Church of Saint George is its highest point, which makes this small town similar to Istrian Rovinj. The patroness of the place is Our Lady of Loreto, who is celebrated in May, and the statue of Our Lady of Loreto is located on top of Gaj hill, where there is a beautiful viewpoint and a coffee bar. The top of the hill can be reached by car, but a large number of visitors come on foot. The paths are well marked and paved, and the reward is a wonderful open view of the Primosten peninsula and the islands in front of it. What we definitely recommend is waiting for the sunset, which is especially nice to enjoy at this location. During the summer season, numerous cultural, artistic and musical events are held on Rudina, main square. The town center and promenades along the sea are full of restaurants and night bars, and the biggest night club Aurora is located a little outside the town. What makes it special is that it is open, so you can enjoy the music under the stars. Primosten has beautiful nature, clear sea and large beaches. The city of beaches, as it is called, is full of beautiful pebble and gravel beaches, and they are counted in kilometers. The most famous and largest city beach is Velika Raduca, which stretches all around the Raduca peninsula. The Raduca peninsula is adorned with a pine forest, under which stretches a beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and catering facilities. This beach is the most ideal for children because it also has an aqua park for the youngest. Luka beach is located in the very center of the town, next to the local market and the marina. There is a bit of shade, and the sea is very clean despite the proximity of the port. At the very entrance to the city, outside the center, you can reach beautiful wild beaches, one of them being the Mara beach. The beach does not have natural shade or any facilities, so you should bring umbrella, food and drinks if you plan to stay for a longer time, especially if you plan to bring children. If you are a fan of sports activities at sea, in Primosten you will really be able to have fun and enjoy the crystal clear sea and underwater. On the beaches you can rent jet skis, boats, and you can also book a diving tour.

An attractive place for diving in Primosten is the island of Smokvica, which is located in the sea in front of Primosten at a distance of about 300 m. The maximum depth of the sea is 30 m, and the structure of the underwater islet is very interesting for divers. Cyclists, walkers and hikers can also enjoy this beautiful place. The hinterland of Primosten abounds with bicycle paths and roads where you can explore natural beauty and reach beautiful viewpoints. The most famous hiking trail is the trail of Our Lady of Loreto and the lookout point, and the most popular cycling trail in Primosten is the Stone Lace Trail, which is of medium difficulty. The trail passes through the hinterland of Primosten and its olive groves and vineyards, and it got its name from the numerous stone houses, dry walls and wells that you can see along the way. In this way, you get to know the classic Dalmatian legacy, and the dry wall construction system is also a protected cultural asset. Krka National Park is only 35 km from Primosten, and it is one of the most beautiful parks in Croatia. Its waterfalls, travertine barriers and the beauty of nature will not leave anyone indifferent! Park Krka abounds in pedestrian and bicycle paths, which makes it an ideal location for family fun, and swimming is also allowed in one part. The nearby town of Skradin is picturesque and ideal for lunch or dinner after visiting the park. From Primosten, be sure to visit Sibenik, Trogir or Split, which are very close, and are full of sights that are worth a visit.

Gastronomy in Primosten

Gastronomy of Primosten is based on red wine, olive oil, fresh fish and, of course, other local products of this sun-drenched climate. Babic vine grapes are autochthonous and have been cultivated for decades, and today in Primosten and its surroundings you can find top wines of the Babic variety, which are known all over the world and have been awarded more than several times for their exceptional quality. The hills above Primosten and the hinterland are also home to numerous olive groves that are carefully pruned and maintained, resulting in one of the best extra virgin olive oils. You can buy local products such as wine and olive oil at the local market, but also at one of the many roadside stands where you can taste everything on offer and buy the products you like. Local family farms are typical places to enjoy cheese, prosciutto, olive oil, wine and meat under the oven. So you can enjoy grilled veal or lamb with a top quality local wine, all accompanied by a beautiful view of the sea and the Primosten archipelago. There are numerous restaurants, taverns and pizzerias in the town, and everyone can find something to their taste.

If you are looking for an ideal place for a family vacation in Dalmatia, do not miss Primosten as the perfect location. See our offer of luxury villas in Primošten and book your stay with HomeRent.