10 Best places to visit in Croatia

10 Best places to visit in Croatia

10 Best places to visit in Croatia

1. Dubrovnik

The most famous Croatian city in the world attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. Although it is actually a small city, Dubrovnik is special and beautiful, and its Old Town and its sights and specific location are recognized all over the world. It attracts guests from all over the world with its history, cultural heritage and natural beauty, and among the many visitors are often famous world stars. Today, the old town is only open to pedestrians. Enter the Old Town through the Pila Gate, tour the walls of Dubrovnik, visit numerous locations where the popular series Game of Thrones was filmed, the Duke's Palace and finally take the cable car up to Srđ hill, which offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the city, the sea and the islands in front of Dubrovnik! Read more about Dubrovnik on our blog.


2. The Island of Hvar

Croatia's sunniest and most popular island offers crystal clear sea, beautiful waterfronts by the sea, plenty of fine fish restaurants and beautiful hidden bays, some of which resemble movie scenes and backdrops! Hvar is an island of lavender, good wine and excellent gastronomy, all of which are recognized by numerous world stars every year. Visit the Fortress of Spanjola, which the locals call Fortica, the Petar Hektorovic Pond, take a walk along the waterfront and try some of the fish specialties. When you decide to swim and sunbathe, do it on one of the beautiful beaches such as Jagodna, Zarace, Pokonji Dol or Paklenjaci. Read more about the Island of Hvar on our blog.


3. Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni rat beach is located on the island of Brac, located in front of the city of Split, and is unique because of its special shape. The extraordinary beauty of the turquoise, crystal clear Adriatic is breathtaking. The shape of the beach is tongue-shaped and stretches almost half a kilometer vertically into the sea. The top of this famous beach is constantly changing under the influence of waves and sea currents. The spacious and large Zlatni Rat beach offers crystal clear sea, white gravel, a pine forest in the background and enjoyment under the sun. Brac is easy to visit from Split by ferry or one of the boats that take day trips to this beautiful location on the Croatian coast. Read more about Zlatni rat beach on our blog.

Zlatni Rat

4. Split

The center of Dalmatia and the beautiful coastal city of Split offers you a beautiful sea and beaches, preserved monuments and heritage, and a large forest park. The city of Split is world-famous for Diocletian's Palace. In November 1979, UNESCO declared Diocletian's Palace a world heritage site as an important archaeological complex. Inside the palace itself there are numerous remains and sites of exceptional importance. Visit the Peristil, the cellars of the palace, walk along the promenade along the sea known as Riva, sit in the shade of one of the tall palm trees and absorb the wonderful energy of this city! If you like sports activities such as climbing, walking through the forest or riding a bike, be sure to visit the Marjan forest park. Several viewpoints offer a real spectacle from the view of the city or the surroundings, depending on which viewpoint you reach! The largest sandy beach in the city is the Bacvice beach, while the Znjan beach is the largest gravel beach in the city. The surrounding places with mountains and rivers round off the adventure opportunity for all lovers of outdoor sports. Zipline, rafting and rock climbing are just some of the options. Read more about the city of Split on our blog.


5. Makarska Riviera

One of the cradles of tourism in Dalmatia is the Makarska Riviera. The beautiful clear turquoise sea, kilometer-long gravel beaches and dense pine forest, the smell of which you inhale while sunbathing on the beach, are an experience to remember! The center of the riviera is the city of Makarska, followed immediately by Brela, Baska voda, Tucepi and many other places. The Makarska Riviera is full of opportunities for an active holiday. Mount Biokovo rises in the hinterland of the Riviera and offers climbing and walking trails and the Biokovo Skywalk viewpoint. You can ride kayaks and jet skis on the sea, and there are numerous offers of excursions to the nearby islands, especially Brac and Hvar. Taverns with local dishes located in the higher parts of Biokovo offer a panoramic view of the sea and islands. Read more about the Makarska Riviera and the beaches of the Makarska Riviera on our blog.

Makarska Riviera

6. Zadar

Due to its rich heritage, Zadar is today one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations. The old town, surrounded by walls and towers on the peninsula, is connected to the new urban part by a bridge, the symbol of the town. With an interesting mix of Roman and Venetian history and architecture, the old town is located on a rectangular peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic Sea. Zadar is known for two of the most unique European art installations: the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation. The sea organ creates the sound by the movement of the sea beating from it under the stone slabs of the riviera, while Salutation to the Sun collects solar energy during the day and glows in all colors in the evening and night. Staying on the waterfront is especially magical at sunset. The sound of the organ and the palette of colors on the horizon are a special experience. Visit the walls of Zadar, which are included in the UNESCO heritage list, and the Church of St. Donat, Forum and Five Wells! Read more about the city of Zadar on our blog.


7. National Park Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and largest Croatian national park. This natural fairytale is located in an ideal position in mountainous Croatia, easily accessible to guests coming from the coast from any region. The beauty of 16 lakes has been recognized by UNESCO - and in 1979 they were included in the list of natural beauties. Azure lakes, small rivers and countless waterfalls form an incredible natural phenomenon whose colors are admired by everyone who visits this unique location! The special feature of the Plitvice Lakes is the color of the water and travertine barrier, as well as the rich flora and fauna. Read more about the Plitvice Lakes National Park on our blog.

National Park Plitvice Lakes

8. Rovinj

The town of Rovinj is the most popular destination in Istria! Located on the west coast of Istria, it is the most visited tourist destination of the region and a place that conveys all the charms of Istrian tourism. The combination of beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage and top gastronomic, catering and accommodation offers is what makes Rovinj a place you will want to return to for years. The old town center, picturesque alleys and facades of houses in all colors will especially enchant you! Visit the Church of St. Eufemije, Zlatni rt Forest Park and explore the islets in front of Rovinj by kayak. Istrian gastronomy is dominated by seafood, pasta and truffles. The most famous wine of this region is the Istrian Malvasia, with its refined aroma and fresh taste, which complements the taste of fantastic Istrian dishes prepared from seafood. Read more about Rovinj on our blog.


9. National Park Brijuni

Brijuni is an archipelago and a national park in the Adriatic Sea, located west of the Istrian coast. They consist of 3 islands and 11 islets, and the two largest islands are Veliki Brijun and Mali Brijun. Due to their indented coastline, history and diverse flora and fauna, they are also called "paradise on Earth", and in 1983 they were declared a national park and are a favorite tourist destination. Visit the Safari Park where you can see zebras, peacocks, ostriches and many other animals. The most famous beach of BrijunI, the sandy beach Saluga, is located in a cove surrounded by pine trees, and is strewn with pebbles and is suitable for families with children because it is characterized by extremely shallow, warm and crystal clear sea. Read more about Brijuni on our blog.


10. Zagreb

The capital of Croatia is a typical continental city and a bustling metropolis. In Zagreb, you will feel the atmosphere of a big city combined with very friendly hosts. The center of the city is Square of Ban Jelacic, a cult place with a statue of an important historical figure for this city! The main street for shopping in Zagreb is Ilica, where there are stores of all important world brands. Explore the Upper Town and Mark's Square, where the Croatian Parliament and the government are located. The narrow streets of the lower town offer numerous cafes and shops with local products. The city abounds in beautifully maintained parks where you can rest and enjoy nature and greenery, and they are especially popular in spring and summer because many festivals are held there. There are numerous museums and galleries that you can visit, as well as opportunities for sports activities. Running along the embankment of the Sava River, cycling on the Jarun and swimming in the lake or climbing on Sljeme are just some of the activities in the great city of Zagreb.


Croatia is full of beautiful and special locations and cities, and these are only 10 places from many other equally beautiful ones. Depending on which region you visit, you can find a minimum of 10 places to visit only in that region.

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